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  • 10 % Stock Dividend per Share of Tk. 10 each.(1 Share for 10 Shares held on the record date for the year 2015)


SAPL sets the trend ECO FRIENDLY operations by commissioning ELECTRIC FORKLIFT

Date & Time: Saturday May 21, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Record Date: March 21, 2016

Venue: Summit Alliance Port Depot (West), Katghar, South Patenga, Chittagong-4204.

SAPL believes in customisation of service packages based on customer requirement. To compliment that, currently the general service provisions of SAPL are categorised in four basis packages as under:

Service A

Also being recognised as the empty IN and Laden OUT package, features activities that comprises of bringing IN of empty containers from either Chittagong Port or other locations and taking OUT of stuffed containers back to Chittagong Port for export on laden basis. Within this service, in between, other activities namely empty IN documentation, Lift ON and Lift OFF, storage of cargo inside sheds/premises, stuffing of containers, laden OUT documentations are carried out at a flat rate per box.

Service B

This also called the laden OUT package, where containers are only stuffed and subsequently transported OUT to Chittagong Port for export duly engaging one Lift ON, cargo storage, stuffing and Laden OUT documentation at a fixed charge.

Service C

Under the service provisions of Service C, all charges are based on individual activity of empty containers. It not a non-package rate and the charges applicable are according to the services rendered namely empty movements, empty documentation, empty ground rent, empty Lift ON or OFF.

Service D

This is the newest addition to the service provisions wherein laden import boxes after unstuffing/stripping of are placed under storage at the empty yard for subsequent movement to port on stuffed basis. This is called the Laden IN and Laden OUT Package.


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